If you’re an online entrepreneur or early stage SaaS startup with a funnel full of leads that aren’t converting (or aren’t converting fast enough) you’re probably considering everything, from the latest  growth hack to a fancy branding strategy and maybe smoke signals.

I get it. When nothing seems to be working, you’re game for trying anything, but here’s the thing I see time and again. The fanciest of everything will fail if you’re missing the one thing that will move those leads to dollars.

That one thing is a real connection with your customer.

I help you make that connection — with the right words at the right time.

Imagine knowing exactly what to say, when and how to say it, and do it in such a way that your customers…

  • want what you’re selling ($$ in the bank),

  • see you as a trusted source (leads close quicker), and

  • tell others about you (the best kind of advertising).

It’s not fancy. And that’s good because I don’t do fancy or trendy or chase shiny objects. People hire me because I keep it simple.

Simply put, great copy is what moves your leads from “just looking” to “just bought.”  


I’ve ‘Been There, Done That’

I’m a tech marketing veteran with tours at two landmark enterprise software startups in Austin, where I created (caution: buzzwords ahead) customer focused programs to drive customer acquisition and retention.

After a few years of travel and one too many landscaping projects (bulldozers don’t scare me!) I co-founded and ran a creative business for 10 years, learning first hand all things digital marketing, content creation, list building and writing sales copy that attracts and converts.

Today, I’m pouring all that in-the-trenches marketing and business building wisdom into what might be my favorite title yet: Copywriter. But it’s not really about the words. It’s about the connection the words create with your customer.

A bit more about me

Ten completely random but true nuggets about me.

  1. Austin has been home since 1995, except for that year-long vacation to England in 2002. Before Texas, I kept my toothbrush in Atlanta, Kentucky and Louisiana.

  2. I chauffeur my kids here, there and everywhere like we’re acting out a Dr. Seuss book.

  3. I am a perpetual learner (some might say nerd). I devour books, case studies, great speeches, interviews, documentaries, etc. Marketing, business, biographies and gardening are a few of my favorite subjects, but there’s no predicting what I might be listening to, watching or reading.

  4. My soul place is…where the water meets the trees.

  5. I’m a fruits, veggies, grass-fed beef, support local farmers, don’t buy processed foods kinda gal and one of my favorite meals is Frito Pie with jalapenos, washed down with a tall Coke (regular, not diet!)

  6. Gardening is my therapy. With my hands in the dirt, I lose track of time, my mind relaxes and my body keeps going long after my muscles are tired.

  7. A few years ago I ripped out my beloved veggie garden and installed a pocket wildflower meadow. My nature-loving heart is in deep, deep love with the results.

  8. I rarely drink, but a well-crafted Caipirinha is irresistible.

  9. I refuse to pick a favorite book, but I tote around Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield like it’s life’s instruction manual.

  10. My current favorite thing is my weekly #sundaynightthougths post on Instagram. Always spontaneously written, it’s a weekly check-in with myself that helps guard against living life on auto-pilot.


The blog is where I write what’s on my mind and in my heart. I’m writing in service to the examined life, to answering the creative call and my personal philosophy of Truth Over Strategy.

If you’ve ever…

Dreamed, What if…

Asked, Is this all there is?

Thought, I’m not the creative type.   

Wondered, What would happen if I didn’t have all the answers (in bulleted list form, thank you)

Longed, To be seen for You instead of the role you’re playing for others.

Then you’re my kinda people.

All this writing? It’s really about figuring out the journey I call “From Type-A Posterchild to Creative.” You might say writing and storytelling are my road. Umm, scratch that. There is no road. I’m paving it as I go.

You’re invited to come along. But you should know that part of answering the creative call is regularly doing things that are well outside my introvert comfort zone like posting my first ever selfie on Instagram, publishing my personal writing (this here website) and ACK! making videos (proof below).

Next up on the scary train? Storytelling…on stage…with live humans in the audience.

Stay tuned!