Steven Pressfield

I can’t think of a more appropriate place to start this What I’m Learning series than with Steven Pressfield. If I could magically make a stranger part of my family I would choose Steven Pressfield and I’d be sure I was seated next to him at every family gathering.

His books The War of Art and Turning Pro have had a huge influence on my work. It wouldn’t be hyperbole to call it life changing. I tote Turning Pro around like it’s life’s playbook. Because…it is. When I’m distracted, ready to give up, etc. I whip that baby open to any random page and I’m quickly reminded: the muse rewards those who do the work.

My Top Takeaways

  • Resistance is real.

  • Resistance is your compass to True North. The higher the resistance, the closer you are to the work of your soul.

  • The muse rewards those who do the work.

  • Concentration & depth = pro. Shallow & unfocused = amateur

Final Thoughts

Simple. Profound. Life changing.