Me first.

I've spent most of my life over-prepared and over-scripted. This space is the ultimate seat-of-my pants leap into wondering out loud and leading with my heart.  I'm learning to trust what I know, show up and let it shine. Not because I have all the answers -- quite the opposite really -- but because the questions and curiosities that fill my head and the truths I've learned along the way are begging to be heard. I don't know how to explain it other than to say, Their Time Has Come.  And that, my friends, is a directive from the heavens because only a force that strong could compel me to put my raw thoughts out into the world.

My life is joyfully full with family, dear friends and work I love, but there's this longing for expansion. It comes from a deep desire for Shared Adventures. This space is my first public expression of that desire. Expanding. Connecting.

Now you.

Why are you here? I don't know (yet), but I'm certain our paths were meant to cross.