February 2019: Denise's Letter

Truth Over Strategy is my approach to life. My true north. Lately I’ve been considering the definition of truth. We hold it to be an absolute, but is it?

He fudged the truth.     A little white lie.     A grain of truth.     The God’s honest truth.

Seems it’s anything but absolute.

My working theory is that we start with the easiest form of truth – Truth Lite, if you will – and we’re usually content to stop there. Easy. Safe. But maybe not the whole truth. So I’ve come up with a continuum of truth: The Truth >>> The Honest Truth >>> The Most Honest Truth

Here’s a simple example.

The truth is, I’m a good fit for this job.

The honest truth is, I can perform this job, but there are things I’ll need to learn.

The most honest truth is, I won’t always get it right, but I’ll work harder than anyone else to prove you made the right decision in hiring me.

As I’ve challenged myself to move through the degrees of truth I’m astonished at how uncomfortable the Most Honest Trust feels at times. And translating it into action places you smack in the middle of uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure, which is exactly how Brene Brown defines vulnerability.

When you lead with your most honest truth there’s no place to hide. You’re all in.

On the other side of the risk is clarity. When you go all in, there’s a deep satisfaction in knowing the answer, the results, the response you get in return – even when they aren’t what you’d hoped for – are untainted by the politics of posturing and hedging. Pure. No wondering, What if?

It take a rebel heart to put it all on the line.

I’ll meet you there.