January 2019: Denise's Letter

Be your brother’s keeper.
Love your neighbor as yourself.
Each child belongs to all of us.

I think it’s safe to assume we all want this kind of world — in our own homes, our neighborhoods, our schools, our work and across borders and languages and cultures and religions.

Then WHY is it so hard? Why do we so often fail?

Is it simply (tragically) the human condition? Surely not. I’m holding out hope that our true nature is not one of greed and pettiness and closed-mindedness. == Maybe that’s the point. To place our bets on hope ==

Not hope the passive noun. Not hope that someone else will do it. No. We need hope the verb. Action.

Without action it’s dreamy idealism. In contrast, Hope in Action declares: I care enough to do something.

Let us all be examples of Hope In Action.