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Technology marketing veteran in both enterprise software and SaaS + 10 years as a B2C creative entrepreneur.

Expert in taking an idea from concept to roll-out. My specialties are: 1) lifecycle marketing 2) taking complicated ideas and communicating them simply, and 3) creating thoughtful, value-driven customer experiences.

Passionate about customer acquisition and retention, using my Voice of the Customer approach to engage prospects and customers in a meaningful way, adding value at each step.  That’s a fancy way of saying I help companies sound human and stop being so self-centered when talking to prospective buyers.  

 Marketing Consultant

·    Strategic marketing consultant working with early stage SaaS companies. Specialize in helping companies develop and execute a customer centric marketing strategy to drive customer adoption and retention.  

·    Optimize the customer experience. Analyze the current customer journey by mapping the steps from initial contact to paid customer to renewal. Identify gaps, bottlenecks and ambiguities. Develop, implement and test solutions.  

·    Develop key messaging.

·    Identify and drive development of marketing content (web copy including opt-ins and landing pages, blog posts, newsletter, onboarding, etc.)

·    Create digital marketing strategies and campaigns.


Denise’s copywriting philosophy — Your copy has one goal: incite action.

Denise’s golden rule of copywriting — No one cares about you. Tell people what’s in it for them. Their priorities, not yours.

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Denise Cornell

Austin, TX