The Quiet Side of Brave

Fortune always favors the brave, and never helps a man who does not help himself.

P.T. Barnum

Bravery. It’s a mystery of many shades. We know it when we see capital B Bravery, like the heroic efforts that make the evening news, but more often, bravery shows up in every day moments that are imperceptible to the casual passerby.

Small b Bravery

This kind of small b bravery is all around you and inside you, if you know how to spot it. Here are a few of bravery’s many disguises.

Making eye contact with a stranger on the sidewalk.

Sending your child off with a kiss and a hug when you want to keep her cocooned at home, safe from the world.

Giving voice to the idea you’ve been holding tight in your throat.

A flirty hello after your heart’s been broken.

Speaking truth.

Saying yes.

Saying no.

Raising your hand when you’d prefer to remain invisible.

Stepping through the doors (metaphorical and physical) in front of you.

Believing your own voice over others.

Take Up With Bravery

Bravery left unattended shrinks.

Befriend it. Practice it often.

Keep it nimble and watch it blossom.